One of the oldest, if not the oldest hand-drawn image I maintain in my possession















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To the right: 

Digital composition of what I must have envisioned in my head when I drew the pencil image (far right) while I was in the 4th grade.

MK3 Shao Kahn drawing

Armando A. Olivares

a brief history:

Poetry. Music. Dance. Culinary. Film. Theatre. Automotive. Mechanical. Photography. Sculpture. These are but a few of the numerous branches of art that helped cultivate the Graphic Artist/Designer that Armando became.

A passion for art was ignited by his discovery of the ever classic Calvin & Hobbes by American cartoonist Bill Watterson. Having  launched in 1985, one year after Armando's birth, the comic seemed so in tuned with what he felt he would imagine while at play. With this new found 'literature' not far from thought, Armando began to experience what would become a constant trait of his identity becoming recognized as "the kid who draws" or by the teachers as the one who gets into trouble for doodling all over his schoolwork (see image below).

Now fast forward some. Throughout his early school years, unfortunately Armando did not find support for his talents. That is until his Senior year of high school where he was required to take Art I in order to complete credits for graduation. His art instructor was incredibly enthusiastic and helped Armando further exploit his natural talent that had remained rather dormant. In a short period of time the creative products produced were enough to build an admirable portfolio. Armando had created his ticket to college. 

WAIT A TICK!!! Armando decided to enlist in the Marine Corps for 4 years, what?! Yep, everything got put on hold as Armando admirably fought for his country with an additional  3 year extension on his contract.

2010, Welcome back to reality. Now it's time for college, but with a stronger set of morals and values and definitely a better world view. Art Institute of Houston for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics was the first go followed by an Associates Degree program for Graphic Design and Westwood College, School of Design. 

...and now we freelance. Many clients and customers have been managed, all with satisfactory outcomes. Together there is no limit to what can be created in order to surpass your expectations. All that is needed is a simple phone call, text or private message and we can get the ball rolling on your awesome project to be. 

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